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Prestress Partners

Providing engineering and drafting services to precast, prestressed concrete manufacturers.


Prestressed Concrete Design & Drafting

  • Bridge beam and component design and analysis
  • Erection drawing, shop drawing and piece ticket preparation
  • Prestressed beam lateral stability and stress analysis
  • Prestressing strand stressing calculations
  • Plant component design and analysis


  • Customer engagement
  • Presentations and Lunch-and-Learns
  • Trade Shows
  • Technical marketing material development


  • Bridge beam type and size selection
  • Quantity take-off and cost estimating
  • Initial concept development
  • Value engineering assistance

Quality Control & Plant Specialty Services

Featured Projects

Cutler Bridge - Elevation View of the Beams

Cutler Road Bridge over the Looking Glass River

  • Provided Project Management and Bridge Beam Engineering services while employed at Williams & Works in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Located in Ionia County, Michigan
  • Longest single span prestressed concrete bridge over water in the State of Michigan, with a span length = 171’-0” and an out-out beam length of 173’-0”
  • Each of the four beams weigh 126 tons

I-5 Over Sodom Ditch

  • Provided Value Engineering, Project Coordination and Bridge Beam Engineering services while employed at Knife River Prestress in Harrisburg, Oregon
  • Located in Linn County, Oregon
  • The original three-span steel tub bridge was converted to a three-span precast, post-tensioned concrete tub bridge through value engineering techniques
  • The conversion improved the project’s schedule and reduced its cost compared to the original design
Sodom Ditch

Events & Publications

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Strands on Stressing Block

Culter Road Bridge over Looking Glass River

Michigan Bridge Conference

Prestressed Concrete 101

Specialty Precast Solutions

State-Specific LRFR Live Load Factors Using Weigh-in-Motion Data


An Investigation of Oregon Weigh-In-Motion Data for Bridge Rating Implementation and Evaluation

  • Oregon State University – June 16, 2006

Calibration of LRFR Live Load Factors Using Weigh-In-Motion Data

  • SPR 635, Interim Report, FHWA-OR-RD-06-17 · Jun 1, 2006

About Pelphrey Prestress

P3 has over 15 years of experience in the precast, prestressed concrete industry.  We hold registered professional engineering licensure in multiple states, including Oregon, Washington, Michigan and Idaho.  P3 is active in the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI), serving on various committees and providing peer review for technical publications.  We have a passion for advancing the industry and contributing to the growth of its people and services.  Please contact us for more information on future partnering opportunities.

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